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I am Dr. Joshua Williams.

As a healthcare provider and small businessman, and as a concerned American citizen, I want to break the gridlock in Washington. I want to reach across the aisle and use my common sense and long experience in the medical field to get things done for the working people of East Tennessee. You know, the folks who go to work every day, who try their hardest to provide for their families, who give back to their communities every chance they get. People like you.


Let's bring progress to East Tennessee!

  • Guarantee affordable, accessible healthcare for all
  • Stabilize Social Security and Medicare
  • Treat the addictions that are plaguing our state
  • Grow jobs
  • Raise the minimum wage to a livable level
  • Support public education and teachers
  • Fight in the short term to mitigate climate change and in the long term, reverse it.

As a psychologist, I know how to build coalitions, find meaningful consensus, and truly represent the interests of the people of East Tennessee.

Together, we win!

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